What should I look for when buying an electronic cigarette?

The battery

You need to ask yourself - where and how often will I be using my e-cigarette?

For everyday use, you should not be buying a small battery - it is a smaller design and looks more like a real cigarette but it needs re-charging far more often which means you will need to replace the battery more often. In addition, it will be less effective at vapourizing the e-liquid. Any battery below 650mah for everyday use is a bad idea. Most popular for everyday vaping are the batteries found in our eGo C and eVod kits.

For occasional use, when you are out and about, a smaller battery is a good idea as an e-cig with a smaller battery will be smaller and easier to carry around. We would recommend a 250mah - 350mah battery in this case such as the battery found in our 510T kits.

Automatic or manual?

Most of the electronic cigarettes we sell have manual batteries - what this means is that you need to press the button, wait a second or two and then take a drag. An advantage of the manual battery is that it gives you better control over the hit.

Automatic batteries are activated when you take a puff on the electronic cigarette. However, a few puffs are required to prime the device. Automatic batteries can easily be short circuited and may be spontaneously activated by a variety of factors like loud noise or strong wind.

Variable Voltage or not?

There is a huge difference in performance between standard and variable voltage electronic cigarettes. Variable Voltage batteries feature a booster circuit that stores and regulates power from the battery, delivering it to the atomizer or cartomizer at the voltage you select. This gives you much better control over the hit and flavour production. Many variable-voltage e-cigarettes also include microprocessors for safety and precise control over vapor production.

However, variable voltage batteries are not recommend for new users and those that smoke ultra lights or smoke infrequently. This is because at higher voltages the experience may be too intense for light users. Additionally, when operating at six volts, an atomizer will produce a harsh, dry vapor with an unpleasant flavor if the heating coil isn’t kept wet.

For those wanting to try out a variable voltage battery without spending a fortune, we would ask them to consider the eGo variable voltage battery.

To mod or not to mod?

Mods come in two types - electronic and mechanical.

Electronic mods are very similar to variable voltage batteries but you can replace the core (the actual battery within the external housing). This makes these very cost effective in the long run. You can simply buy the core instead of replacing the whole battery when it needs replacing. Another plus is that the cores can have capacities as high as 2200mah. This makes them very good for using with dual coil atomizers and heavy vapors as these batteries will require charging much less frequently. An example of a very good automatic mod is the Lavatube.

Mechanical mods are not recommended for the average user due to safety. These are for experienced users and consist of a metal tube to hold the battery, and the "head" which will contain a power switch and connection for the attachment that has the vaporizer, or heating element. Mechanical mods do not use a circuit board nor do they have any wiring. The output voltage of a mechanical mod will vary according to different factors such as the size of battery that is being used or if the battery is fully charged or not. Mechanical Mods are designed to use protected Li-Ion batteries. Mechanical mods are suitable for people who need durability, want to have the ability to run RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizer), and/ or have the desire to make huge clouds of vapor.

The atomizer, clearomizer, giantomizer, cartridge

These days, for most users, the differences between the atomizer, clearomizer and giantomizer are not that important. The biggest difference is between electronic cigaretttes that use pre-filled, non re-fillable cartridges and the others. We would always recommend against these pre-filled cartridges as they are not as cost-effective, and offer a much more restricted choice of flavours and nicotine strengths.

What will suit you from the various different refillable atomizers, clearomizers, giantomizers etc. is largely a matter of personal preference. The most popular of these is the CE4 and rebuildable CE6 which is fine for most users. However, for a smoother and superior vaping experience we would recommend a bottom coil design such as the eVod MT3, Protank etc. You should also look for replaceable coil/wick designs as it will save you money in the long run as you can just replace the coil/wick instead of the whole unit when it burns out.


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